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Written by Barbara Spier, who has been living and working in Moscow for almost 17 years, Living in Moscow© is a comprehensive guide for expatriates who are moving to or living in Moscow.

Moscow and Russia do not get nearly as much positive coverage in the media as they deserve. Due to this, expatriates and their families often have many concerns and questions about coming to live in Russia's capital.

Living in Moscow© contains a lot of useful and interesting information on everything expatriates need to know in order to enjoy life in Moscow to the fullest. Its purpose is to show you that Moscow is actually a great place and that there are hundreds of fun and interesting things to do here.

We hope that the book will make you look forward to your move to Moscow and to the time you will be spending in this fascinating city! For more information, please explore our website.

Living in Moscow© is also a charitable project. To find out which charities we support, please visit our Charity page.

And of course we would love to hear what you think about the book!